Biblia Audio


Audio Bible Superproduction is the most ambitious religious audio gathering carried out in Poland or even the world. It is made up of 110 hours of recordings, 500 actors, many fantastic sponsors and partners. MoveApp asked me to design a users interface for the iOS and Android application, thanks to which every Pole can always have the Audio Bible recordings by their side. Once again a great and socially important project which I was happy to work on, with Bartek from MoveApp.






From the very beginning Audio Bible was set to be black and gold – these are the colours I always associate with the Bible, which I had at home as a child – a black leather cover, gold details, thin parchment and beautiful typography.

At the very beginning we agreed with MoveApp that the application would have the same style as the website. A dark background and gold typography with white elements. A simple iconography outline, texture and a golden glow. The main font is AXIS, completed by Lato. I really like the contrast, created by the gold typography on black and the stone effect background – it gives the project a very serious and dignified character.

I used a marble texture as the background, which I edited in Photoshop to get the right colour palette and at the same time prepare it for use by the developers – the texture is looped, therefore the size of the file is much smaller than it would be, if it were the size of the whole screen.


Traditionally, MoveApp prepared great wireframes, focusing on the most important – the recordings. We have access to the latest recordings from both Testaments and a miniplayer from home, where just a tap is enough to play the latest recording. The whole navigation has been moved to the sidebar, available from every application screen. The miniplayer at the bottom of the screen is also available at all times.


The division of works in the Testaments is very interesting as it forced us to create two different list with recordings. One of them contains access to a few volumes which we can purchase separately with the use of InAppPurchases. The second list is made up of groups, consisting of specific recordings. Each group is shown as part of a list which can be expanded to view the individual recordings.


Audio Bible is a very interesting project – many fantastic people were involved in creating the biggest religious audio gathering and MoveApp gave me the possibility to design the application for listeners. The initial application reviews on Google Play Store and the App Store have confirmed that we have managed to create an application which users appreciate and enjoy using. Another example of great creations when I join forces with MoveApp!