Perfect Gym Go

Art Direction, UI & Motion Design

mobee dick


Perfect Gym Go is a company focused on producing software for managing gyms and fitness centres. This product is very popular in Poland and Europe. The Client decided to expand its offer by adding an application for the end-user, which will allow you to manage your membership at the gym, follow your progress in exercises, sign up for classes, etc. mobee dick’s information architects prepared detailed mock-ups of UX and a user flow for iOS and Android, which were given to me for further work and development of the project.

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I wanted to create a very elegant and dignified creation for Perfect Gym Go, no crazy colours (at least in the iOS version), just the use of delicate iconography and typography. I used graphite grey as the main colour in connection with beige, light grey and pastel accents for numbers and other important information. The entirety looked good with the Helvetica font for the iOS version and with Roboto for the Material Design version.



The iOS version was bright and light. From the start I knew that I didn't want this project to be another flat fitness type of project or a typical one from Dribbble. It was important to me that the project had its own individuality. I used colour in charts, numbers, the status of classes, input data and alerts – the rest of the application is practically black and white. Due to this all important information and photos are more visible in comparison to the charts and numbers.



The project evolved a lot, during the whole period of production a few alternative designs were created, including a separate one with a dark background and Helvetica Bold font. In the end the Client decided that he preferred the lighter version, but the darker one turned out so well that it would be a shame not to show it here. 



Material Design was presented a couple of weeks before we started working on the design for Perfect Gym Go, that is why the Client, who was very tech-savvy, wanted to be one of the first companies in Poland to use the new language of design in their products. That is why I decided not to move the elements of design from iOS to Android, but started creating a design from scratch offering the same functions but in a totally different format.

Material Design entirely changed the appearance and the functioning of the application. I started by downloading Developer Preview for Android 5.0 and all the materials which Google shared on their website.

A few days spent on the new system and the analysis of project guidelines resulted in a design, which combined aesthetics and minimalism of Material Design and also the business aims and use cases of Perfect Me. Below you can find the chosen designs of the application.



The Client was preparing to present the app during a couple of trading events that year, however he knew that the app wouldn't be ready in time. That is why, not only did I design the apps, but I also put together an animation of how the app works with all the charts, data, interactions, photo streaming, etc.   Additionally I made and interactive prototype in Marvel, thanks to which the Client could show his partners and potential Clients how the app actually looks on their phones.