Zrzutka.pl App


Zrzutka is Poland's crowdfunding platform with more then $ 6 million already collected. With very strong website experience, Zrzutka decided to create mobile app to give people more options to chip in. MoveApp asked me to design the User Interface and support them with UX works. The result is beautiful, fast and easy to use app with very high user rating in both Google Play and App Store.



Zrzutka has a very lovely and delicate art direction – this effect was obtained by using two colours: pink and turquoise, cheery icons and smiling humanoids. I wanted the applications to be as similar as possible to the website and to keep this nice, light style with a lot of colour.


As always, MoveApp prepared great wireframes focusing on the ease of setting up a new Zrzutka – that is why the welcome screen is the “New Zrzutka” form. While designing the interface I focused on the distinction of the most important actions, using colourful backgrounds and simplifying the design itself to the maximum - the simpler the better.


While working on the interface, the Client decided to introduce better protection of Zrzutka against scammers, which caused some changes in the project. The need to verify users using their identity document was introduced. The zrzutki of verified users received a special symbol, so that everyone could see that that specific zrzutka is safe and the money will actually go to the person in need.

Verification takes place by means of taking a photograph of the identity document, driving license or passport and sending it within the application to the Zrzutka team. An additional safeguard is the lack of possibility to withdraw raised funds without prior verification.





Zrzutka is one of those projects which please me immensely. That is why I am grateful to MoveApp for the opportunity to cooperate on such a socially important initiative. I have high hopes that the initial great reviews on Google Play and the App Store will continue and that many people in Poland will be able to help those in need from their phones.